What are Dental Sealants and Who Should Get Them?

What are Dental Sealants and Who Should Get Them?

Jan 01, 2020

Dental cavities are unpleasant to all people but are more dangerous in children. When children suffer from dental decay, they can lose their permanent teeth which affect their dental structure and weakens their teeth. Although daily flossing and brushing can eliminate food particles, dental sealants can do a better job. As part of our preventive dentistry, our dentist in Bethel, CT offers tooth sealants to both children and teenagers.

What are Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants are a thin, plastic, and protective coating applied on the tooth surfaces to protect the teeth from decay.

Who Should Use Dental Sealants?

Most candidates for dental sealants are children as well as teenagers because they are prone to dental cavities. Although children are better suited for sealants, adults can also use protective coatings. At Rejuvenate Dental Arts, we offer dental sealants for both kids and adults.

Are Sealants Effective?

Yes. According to the American Dental Association and the Centers for Disease Control, dental sealants can prevent up to 80 percent of dental cavities in the first year and thereafter 58 percent.

For the best results, we apply sealants on the permanent teeth, especially the molar and premolars to protect them during the development years. We also apply the tooth sealants on the primary teeth if they are beginning to wear out to protect them from premature loss.

Dental sealants do more than prevent dental decay, but also shield you from getting other dental procedures such as tooth extraction or root canal. Tooth extraction is done to remove decayed teeth while root canal removes the decayed nerves to preserve your teeth. These procedures can be prevented if the sealants are properly applied.

Are They Permanent?

No. According to the Center for Diseases Control, dental sealants last between five and ten years depending on where they are applied. Plus, the amount of wear-and-tear also influences the durability. If your child consumes a lot of acidic foods, the sealants may not last for long. Keep in mind, dental sealants can fail if not applied correctly. It is therefore important to get dental sealants for children from a licensed dentist.

Are There Any Risks?

Yes. Dental sealants are plastic coating meaning they contain BPA. The Bisphenol A has been reported to affect the thyroid function, immune system, and central nervous. However, according to the American Dental Association and the Centers for Disease Control, the amount of BPA in sealants is minimal to cause any health problem. Furthermore, the BPA levels return to baseline levels after 24 hours of sealant application.

Some people may also have an allergic reaction.

What’s the Dental Sealant Application Procedure?

The dental sealants are applied in just a few minutes. After the assessment, the dentist will clean the teeth of any bacteria and tartar. Next, they will apply an acid solution to roughen and condition the enamel to be able to make it easy for the sealant to bond. Lastly, the plastic coating will be applied and hardened. The dentist will brush your teeth to seal off any holes and keep decay off. This is a quick process and causes no discomfort so you will not need any anesthesia.

How Much Do Tooth Sealants Cost?

Dental sealants cost will depend on how many sealants and the location, but on average they cost $60 per tooth. Some insurance providers may cover a percentage of cost, so call your insurance provider to know if they cover sealants.

Take Away

Dental sealants can prevent cavities and maintain your child’s dental health. However, you still need to help your child practice proper oral hygiene. Furthermore, ensure your child comes to the dentist at least twice a year. We will offer professional dental cleaning and also fluoride treatments. Remember the sealants don’t replace the fluoride treatments. Fluoride is important not only prevents cavities but will also strengthen the teeth.

If your child is at risk of dental cavities, call us for dental sealants for children. Our dentist in Bethel, CT will discuss with you the process and what the procedure involves.

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