Three Types of Dental Emergencies You Cannot Afford to Ignore

Three Types of Dental Emergencies You Cannot Afford to Ignore

Sep 01, 2020

Dental emergencies can affect you when you least expect them to put you in a situation where you may not know what to do. If you want to be prepared for every situation, you must use the useful tips mentioned in this blog when the emergency demands prompt attention from emergency dental care.


It is for you to understand that no matter how well you care for your teeth, you may encounter a dental emergency such as a cracked or fractured tooth. Immediately upon noticing the dental injury, you must call the emergency dentist in Bethel, CT, this right away to repair the damage and potentially preserve the natural tooth.


What Are the Three Types of Dental Emergencies That Mustn’t Be Ignored?


Broken Dental Appliances


Most people have a dental appliance of some type on their teeth. Some have braces, fillings, bridges, crowns, and dentures. Everyday wear and tear cause damages to the Appliances to leave the underlying tooth vulnerable to decay and dental damage. If the dental appliance breaks, it can result in a severe dental emergency needing urgent dental care from the dentist in Bethel, CT. Visiting the dentist immediately will ensure you save your dental appliances as well as your dental health. The visit also proves beneficial because it helps you to have the dental device repaired and continue to protect your dental health.


Intense Tooth Pain


Tooth pain of any kind needs attention from facilities offering treatments for dental emergencies. However, intense tooth pain is different and should never be ignored because it indicates a significant problem such as an infection or deep decay. Failure to visit an emergency dentist when you initially begin experiencing the soreness and pain potentially increases the risks of the problem spreading to other parts of your body. In such circumstances, you must be looking forward to protecting your oral as well as your overall health care.


You may believe your overall health has nothing to do with your oral health. However, if you stop for a moment to think that the bacteria from any infection in your mouth can also spread to other parts of your body by entering your bloodstream, you will undoubtedly begin thinking differently. The bacteria can increase the risks of respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and others, exposing you to significant expenditure from different healthcare providers. Therefore you must never ignore intense tooth pain if you value your oral and overall health.


Knocked-out Tooth


A knocked-out tooth requires attention from an emergency dentist within 30 minutes. This information could lead you to a state of anxiety and stress because you believe locating the knocked-out tooth will by itself take 10 to 15 minutes besides the time needed to contact the dentist in Bethel, CT, for an appointment. However, if you want to have the tooth reattached into its socket, it is imperative to reach the dentist’s office with the tooth maintained properly in moist condition within 30 minutes. If you manage to reach the dentist’s office within the specified time, you can rest assured the knocked-out tooth will be reinserted into its socket to prevent the stress of having expensive tooth replacement solutions for closing the gap in your smile.


Preparing for Dental Emergencies


Expecting anyone to be prepared for a medical emergency is perhaps asking too much of the individual. Dental emergencies are no exception and are similar to medical emergencies. Understanding what needs to be done in the event of an emergency dental situation ensures that you can retain the health of your teeth, gums, and surrounding tissue in the mouth. Whether you are faced with a knocked-out tooth, broken or loose dental work, and injuries to the surrounding tissues in your mouth, getting urgent care required should be high on your mind, and you must be prepared for such eventualities.


The emergency dentist in Bethel, CT, is a qualified dental professional who also provides all types of dental treatments, including preventive care, cosmetic dentistry, kids dentistry, and dentistry for senior patients. Having the contact number of this dentist or even using the dental professional’s services as your regular family dentist will give you a bonus of being prepared to encounter any dental emergency that may eventually occur you at some time. It leaves you prepared to manage any dental situation because you have details of the dentist in Bethel who provides emergency dental care.

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