Dental Veneers in Bethel, CT

Dental veneers are a popular natural-looking cosmetic dental treatment that gives you a dramatic smile makeover. Our expert dentists at Rejuvenate Dental Arts will evaluate your oral cavity to find out if you’re an ideal candidate for dental veneers.

Dental Veneers Can Give You a Beautiful Smile

Dental veneers can improve the aesthetics of your smile and be used for several reasons:

  • To correct uneven lengths of teeth
  • To correct gaps between teeth and eliminate discoloration
  • To correct teeth that may slightly crooked
  • To correct teeth that may be slightly misaligned
  • To make minor corrections in size and shape of teeth
  • To restore chipped teeth

What veneers do is wrap around the front of your teeth and slightly around the biting edges. Our skilled dentists will first prep your tooth prior to the fabrication of the veneer so that the veneer fits in seamlessly with the contours of your tooth.

Dental Veneers Procedure at Rejuvenate Dental Arts

During the initial visit, our dental experts will explain the dental veneer procedure to you and discuss the best options for your requirements. We will then take out a small layer of enamel and send it to our dental lab for making a perfect veneer model for your teeth.

If you like, we would be happy to provide temporary veneers until the final ones are ready. Once the final veneers are ready, our qualified dentists will bond them securely to your tooth using the latest technology. Feel free to clarify any doubts about the procedure.

Choose From Our Wide Range of Dental Veneers

At Rejuvenate Dental Arts, we offer a wide range of dental veneers for you to choose from. While we do all the work of prepping your tooth and bonding the veneer to the tooth enamel, you can choose the type of veneer that most appeals to you.

Porcelain veneers are the most popular due to their aesthetic appearance and lasting qualities. Once you apply our well-prepared and fitted dental veneers, your teeth are guaranteed to appear whiter, straighter, and evener.

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