Dental Crowns in Bethel, CT

A dental crown from Rejuvenate Dental Arts works like a cap to fit over your tooth and restore its shape and work to strengthen the tooth. The cap works by encasing the tooth entirely. Cracked or broken teeth can be held together by dental crowns and teeth that have undergone root canal therapy can also be strengthened and protected by dental crowns. If you have a tooth that needs structural support, we at Rejuvenate Dental Arts specialize in dental crowns in and around the Bethel area.

Reasons For Needing a Dental Crown

  • A cracked tooth
  • A broken tooth
  • Having more filling than tooth
  • A large cavity
  • Excessive tooth decay
  • Aesthetic improvements
  • Post-root canal fortifications

Dental Crown Procedures

At the first appointment, any decay or damage is removed, and the tooth is prepared for the dental crown. An impression is made of the tooth which will be sent to a dental laboratory. This ensures that your crown will appear as natural as your other teeth. Many times, you will be given a temporary crown at the first appointment. At your second appointment at Rejuvenate Dental Arts, your temporary crown will be removed to make way for your permanent crown. Our dental team will ensure that your crown fits comfortably and appears natural. The crown is cemented into place.

Dental Crown Materials

There are many different options available to Rejuvenate Dental Arts patients in order to ensure that your dental needs are met. The most common options for our patients are porcelain crowns because they are tooth-colored, do no stain, and are durable. Traditionally, crowns were made of metals that are generally more durable than porcelain but are visibly noticeable. Some patients still request that dental crowns be made with gold for aesthetic purposes.

Grinding teeth can wear down teeth surrounding the crowns as well as the crowns themselves. If taken care of, however, dental crowns can last for the extent of your life.

Dental Crowns Near You

If you are suffering from a cracked or broken tooth or are going to have a root canal, a dental crown may be a way to strengthen and save teeth. Call our office today for more information or to schedule an appointment.

We are also serving patients from nearby location as Newtown, Redding, Easton, Monroe, Ridgefield, Bethel, and Danbury for dental crowns.

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