Dental Bridges in Bethel, CT

Have you read about dental bridges as a method of replacing missing teeth? At Rejuvenate Dental Arts in Bethel, we want you to have a complete picture of everything regarding dental bridges. It’s your smile, and you need to have all the data necessary to help you make the best decision for yourself.

How Many Visits to the Dentist?

Here at Rejuvenate Dental Arts, we also care about your time. That’s why you need to have a clear and detailed plan of what will happen and how long it’ll take. It usually takes 2 to 3 visits to get a dental bridge. After the first one, we’ll create a mold of the teeth to be replaced.

On subsequent visits, we’ll start fitting the dental bridge permanently. This usually happens on the 2nd or 3rd visit, but if there are any changes, then we’ll let you know in advance.

How Long Does a Bridge Last?

Without complications, a dental bridge should last more than ten years. That means you won’t have to get it replaced frequently. We understand that not everyone has the time to do that every couple of years. Additionally, if you’re not covered by dental insurance, it could be costly. Since dental bridges last over a decade, you don’t have to worry. You might forget you have them in the first place. For a couple of days after the procedure, you might be conscious of their presence, but that soon fades away.

Within a few days, you won’t feel anything unusual in your mouth at all. Even the unusual sensation at the start isn’t associated with pain, so you have little to worry about.

The important thing is for you to take care of your oral hygiene. The health of a bridge will rely on the adjacent teeth on which the crowns are placed. Damage to these teeth will lead to deterioration of the bridge.

Brushing and flossing to keep food and bacteria from getting under the bridge and crowns is something we recommend and value. It’s not complicated or hard and should help you keep your bridge for a very long time.

We are also serving patients from nearby location as Newtown, Redding, Easton, Monroe, Ridgefield, Bethel, and Danbury for dental bridges.

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