Dental Bonding in Bethel, CT

Have you been considering ways to improve your smile in Bethel? Here at Rejuvenate Dental Arts, our dentists would love to help you find a way to start smiling more confidently today.

One popular way to improve your smile is through the use of dental bonding. However, you may have some questions about this dental procedure. You may be wondering:

  • What is dental bonding?
  • Is it the right choice for me?
  • What will happen during the procedure?

Keep reading to find out more about dental bonding and what it can do for your smile.

What is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding is one of the simplest dental procedures in cosmetic dentistry. Is it when a tooth-colored composite resin material is applied to the tooth to improve teeth that have suffered from decay, cracks, or chips.

It is a good choice for patients at Rejuvenate Dental Arts that would like to cover discolored teeth that cannot be improved by teeth whitening. Not only this, but dental bonding can also help to fix misshapen teeth.

What to Expect During Your Procedure

Our dentists at Rejuvenate Dental Arts will begin by selecting a similar color of the composite resin material to match the existing color of your teeth. They will then prepare the tooth and coat it with a liquid that the resin material will adhere to.

After the resin is applied, our dentists will shape the material to match the tooth and to smooth it out to the proper shape. The resin is then hardened by the use of ultraviolet or laser light to bond the resin to the existing tooth.

Once the material has hardened, our dentists will determine if any further adjustments to the shape or placement are necessary. To keep your dental bonds in good shape, avoid consuming drinks that may stain the resin. These can include drinks high in caffeine, such as coffee or tea.

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