PPE and Disease Protection in Bethel, CT

PPE and Disease Protection in Bethel, CT

Aug 04, 2020

Dental clinics are finally opening up after the COVID-19 outbreak, and we are taking all the necessary steps and precautions to ensure the safety of our patients and staff members. We understand that many patients have been forced to postpone crucial dental treatment due to the pandemic.

Dr. Saam at Rejuvenate Dental Arts would like to assure our esteemed patients that they can visit us with full confidence for the dental care they deserve.

We Are Committed to Providing Safe Dental Care

The new post-COVID normal is here to stay for a few months at least, and it’s very important to us that our patients are able to resume or begin any dental treatment needed. We carry out the thermal screening of patients, and Dr. Saam wears a full personal protective gown for added safety. We also provide protective, disposable gowns to our patients.

Our staff also sterilizes all instruments and adheres to the highest safety standards at all times. Dr. Saam in Bethel, CT, also ensures that patients are seated apart at a safe distance and that the dental chairs are frequently sanitized.

Since many dental procedures involve using high-pressure water sprays (which may increase infection risks from COVID-positive patients), we use reliable aerosol filtration units to keep the air sanitized at all times. The reliable air filtration units reduce the spread of bio-aerosols that may increase the risks of infection.

Rejuvenate Dental Arts Combines Safety, Efficiency, and Reliability

Our staff and dentist also wear face shields to minimize any risks of COVID-19 spread. We also use pre-operational mouth rinses to reduce the number of pathogens in the patient’s mouth prior to starting the procedure.

The use of rubber dams can also help isolate the rest of the patient’s teeth and saliva during the treatment. We review and implement all safety protocols, including the disposal of materials in strict accordance with safety laws.

We advise patients to call us for more information regarding preventive, restorative, and cosmetic procedures in Bethel, CT. Our clinic also provides virtual and teledentistry options for patients who want a remote consultation.

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