Pediatric Dentist FAQs

Pediatric Dentist FAQs

Jun 01, 2020

Children’s dental care is important as it influences not only their oral health but overall wellness too. Although taking your child to a general or family dentist can be beneficial at times, it is recommended to have a pediatric dentist. In this post we answer three common questions on pediatric dentists and why you need one.

Why Choose a Pediatric Over a Family Dentist?

All dentists receive the required dental training. However, similar to their counterpart pediatricians, child dentists specialize in dentistry for children. After their degree program, a pediatric dentist receives two years of specialized dental training. They acquire knowledge of the different dental needs of children from infancy to young adulthood. This means your child doesn’t need to change the dentists until they turn 21 years.

Furthermore, they are also trained on children’s psychology which enables them to communicate properly with the children in a non-threatening manner. Plus, they can handle different child personalities professionally.

Moreover, pediatric specialists can calm the child and make them comfortable. When you visit our child and family dentistry clinic, you will notice the kid-friendly décor designed to keep the child relaxed.

What Does a Pediatric Dentist Offer?

Our pediatric dentist in Bethel focuses on different dental services such as:

  • Preventive treatments

Most of the pediatric dental problems are preventable with proper dental care and that is our main focus. Because children are prone to dental decay, we offer routine dental cleanings designed to remove any buildup.

We also have fluoride treatments for strengthening their teeth. Fluoride is a naturally-occurring mineral that fights cavities. Pediatric dental crowns and sealants are part of our preventive measures.

Dental crowns are fixed on the primary teeth while sealants are applied to the permanent ones to keep them free of cavities.

  • Early detection

With regular dental exams, our pediatric dentist can detect any potential dental problems and initiate treatment on time. The best time to bring your child for a first dental checkup is when the first tooth comes out or right before their first birthday. Then, follow it up with regular visits every six months.

  • Education

Education and learning are part of pediatric dental care. We teach your child the best brushing techniques and the importance of dental hygiene. We also offer the parents information on nutrition, teething, fluoride treatment, developmental milestone, bottle feeding, thumb sucking, and tooth cavities.

  • Treatment

We offer a wide range of pediatric treatments that are designed to enhance dental health. Some of the treatments we have include pediatric root canals for mild decay and other restorative treatments like orthodontic procedures. Plus, if the child loses their primary teeth, space maintainers can also be used to preserve the dental structure.

Our dentists also keep you updated on the latest updates involving dentistry for children’s services and technology that can enhance your child’s dental health.

What to Expect During Your First Visit?

The initial dental visit is short, but essential as it helps the dentist and the child to establish a rapport. In this visit, the dentist will examine the gums for any buildup and clean them.

During the subsequent dental visits, professional dental cleaning is also done. X-ray imaging can be carried out to examine the teeth for any abnormal development problems and decay.

Before you come for the visits, make sure the baby is fed, rested, and dry to avoid fussiness.

The Rejuvenate Dental Arts Difference

We aim to give your child the best service and that’s why we use the latest imaging technology to detect any dental problem early. Our imaging equipment delivers fast results ensuring the child doesn’t feel stressed during the assessment.

We also have services such as sedation dentistry (laughing gas) that is guaranteed to keep the child calm and relaxed during the dental procedures.

Furthermore, our treatments such as sealants and fillings are guarantee to enhance your kid’s dental care. The metal fillings we use are metal-free meaning your child is protected against mercury poisoning.

Feel free to contact us for your first pediatric dental care and our dental staff will offer the best assistance and treatment.

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