How Pediatric Dentists Prevent Cavities

How Pediatric Dentists Prevent Cavities

Apr 01, 2021

Tooth Decay in children, if not taken care of immediately, can lead to cavities,further affecting their general health. It is important to take your child to our pediatric dentist in Bethel, CT, for a regular dental check-up.

From studies conducted by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in America, cavities are a common problem in most kids in America. You do not have to worry anymore; at Rejuvenate Dental Arts, your child’s dentist will prevent the cavities and restore your child’s smile to a healthy and beautiful one.

Pediatric dentistry also includes preventive dental procedures like dental sealants. Your child will not have to use fillings, dental crowns, or extraction their entire life when they have sealants. Your child should also have dental cleaning and check-ups twice a year for preventive dental care. During this visit, the dentist conducts a thorough physical exam to check signs of gum disease, tooth decay, or other dental problems that may compromise oral health.

Prevention of Dental Cavities

A pediatric dentist can prevent dental cavities by using the following ways:

1. Oral Examination

We advise you to schedule an appointment with our pediatric dentist every six months for your children’s dental care. Your child’s dentist will be able to check their teeth and gums for any early signs of tooth decay or gum problem. We also take x-rays to look at decay that might be hidden behind the surface of your tooth. The dentist will also assess the child’s tooth structure and shape to determine if it is plausible for tooth decay.

2. Teeth Cleaning

Dental cleaning is so important in preventing cavities. Plagues and tartar are professionally removed at our kid’s dental care by a professional specialist. Even though your child may be flossing daily, a plague that accumulates into tartar will still be hidden on the surface of their teeth and gumline. Your doctor will also professionally floss and apply a fluoride treatment to protect your teeth.

3. Dental Sealants

Sealants are teeth like plastic structures placed on the chewing surfaces of your teeth to cover groves that may harbor food remains building up to form bacteria. If your child’s dentist at the kid’s dental care notices this, they will recommend dental sealants.

4. Advice on healthy oral habits

Most dental cavities in children can be prevented by practicing healthy dental habits. For instance, your child dentist will advise you not to put a child to sleep with a bottle. This is because the sugary drink may decay the front teeth of your child over time. During the appointment, your kid’s dentist will advise you on the health habits that your child should practice at home.

5. Advice on diet

Today’s diet has more sugar than it had 50 years ago; it is, therefore, important for children which foods and beverages need to be limited or avoided altogether.  Your kid’s dentist will be able to explain to your child how diet can cause adverse effects to their teeth, and they will understand.

How to Prevent Tooth Cavities from Home

Parents should enlighten their kids on practicing good oral care habits to prevent cavities and other dental problems. Dental cavities are painful and should be taken care of, as it makes cause further complications. The following habits protect your child’s teeth against dental cavities and prevent uncomfortable dental procedures

  • Ensure that your children understand the need for regular health care. Teach them how to floss and brush daily.
  • Avoid buying your kids sweets and starchy food; instead, swap them with healthier foods like vegetables and fruits.
  • Teach your children not to share food and drinks with strangers because bacteria can be spread through sharing food containers with their peers.
  • Let dentist routine visits be a priority
  • Your children should hydrate daily. They should drink water preferably fluoridated throughout the day to flush off bacteria from their mouth and prevent a buildup of acid
  • Add nuts and cheese to their diets. These are anti-acid foods that re-mineralize the teeth.
  • Increase their intake of hard and succulent vegetables and fruits. It increases saliva production, which prevents bacteria from sticking to the teeth.

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